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Quality policy and CSR

Sustainability report

Aplitelc Berguedà S.L.U. publishes the sustainability report since 2011. With the publication of this document the company informs its customers that it remains true to the commitment acquired with the environment and shows the management carried out in all the activities of the 'year.

A sustainability report is a corporate document in which companies report on the impacts and actions in the economic, environmental and social fields generated by their activity.

One of the most recognized models of accountability in the field of social responsibility is the elaboration of sustainability reports according to the parameters of the Global Reporting Initiative, an organization that establishes an international framework for the preparation of these reports. By using this methodology, the company's sustainability report is verifiable and comparable throughout the world.

Sustainability report 2020

Sustainability report 2020


Global Reporting Initiative

griSince 2012 Aplitelc Berguedà S.L.U. annually publishes the Sustainability Report, corporate document where companies report on their performance and impact on the economic, environmental and social field.

Global Reporting Initiative is an organization that establishes the parameters for the development of this type of report, this allows the memory of sustainability to be comparable and verifiable internationally.

Global Reporting Initiative

Global compact

Aplitelc Berguedà S.L.U. has signed the United Nations Global Compact, an ethical commitment initiative aimed at companies voluntarily integrating the 10 principles in the field of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-circumvention as part of their strategy.

The Global Compact is the largest Corporate Social Responsibility initiative in the world, with more than 12,000 signing entities present in more than 145 countries. In this link you can download the letter of adhesion of Aplitelc Berguedà S.L.U.


BIOSPHERE Compromise

The Biosphere certificate implies a voluntary environmental commitment to the territory, through principles of sustainability and continuous improvement.

Through a series of requirements, it offers the opportunity to design its own products and services, satisfying the current needs of customers and users, without compromising future generations.

Certificado Biosphere

Quality policy, environment and prevention of job risks.

The Integrated Policy of APLITELC BERGUEDÀ has as a primary objective, the fulfilment of the commitments agreed upon by the customers, the suppliers, the company personnel, the public administration, the society, the competition and the Control Authorized Organisms.

The quality of our products and services , the protection of the environment and the safety and health of the workers is a commitment of the company and an individual responsibility of each member , that has to be translated into concrete actions that reflects internally and externally an APLITELC BERGUEDÀ, SLU image according to our sight and values. Through this document we are committed to fulfilling the following objectives:

  • To comply with the legal requirements and the different regulations that apply to us, as well as with the requirements of our clients and of the different interested parties to ensure their satisfaction with our services and products.
  • Achieve the efficiency of our organization, through the continuous improvement and maintenance of our integrated management system of quality, environment and safety and health (SGI).
  • Plan goals and improvement plans to manage the risks and opportunities of the company and achieve its strategic goals, doing quarterly reviews to ensure the organization's achievement and continuity.
  • Provide the necessary resources to guarantee the improvement of quality, respect for the environment and safety and health in the workplace, avoiding injuries and deteriorating workers' health.
  • Identify risks and threats throughout the integrated management system, working to eliminate dangers and reduce risks in all areas of the company.
  • Document the non-conformities that may occur, to correct them and avoid their repetition.
  • Promote the participation and consultation of all personnel in all areas of company development, encouraging teamwork, individual recognition and integration in the business project.
  • Promote the training necessary to achieve a qualified team that allows us to keep our company at the forefront of new technologies and the development of cleaner energies.
  • Use the resources available to minimize the generation of waste derived from business activity, managing those that cannot be avoided in an appropriate manner and promoting the activities of recycling, reuse and optimization of the consumption of resources.

The present policy of quality, environment and health and safety is public, through the publication on the company's website, and communicates to all the workers of the company, through the exhibition in the company installations.

Annually and coinciding with the review by the company's management, this policy is revised to ensure that it represents and complies with the vision, values and mission of the company, and that fits in with the integral functioning of the company.

Robert Molas Cardona
-General Manager-
January 2019

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